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489 Worcester Street

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489 Worcester St

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Site Components

Providing new HOUSING OPTION and HOUSING DIVERSITY to Wellesley

489 Worcester consists of 36 market rate units and 9 affordable units with 2 existing single family homes on approximately 3.74 acres of land on Route 9 and Cliff Road

Concessions Made to Neighborhood

- Reorienting the proposed Manor building with direct access from a primary driveway on Route 9 and a secondary driveway on Cliff Road to maximize traffic flow efficiency

- Preserving two existing homes at 4 Cliff Road & 14 Cliff Road to maintain neighborhood character

- Reducing the overall project density to from 69 units to 45 units in the Manor building to reduce traffic impact to Cliff Road and Route 9

- Increasing the Affordable units from 10% to 25% of Market Rate units (20% of overall units)

- Incorporating and continue to explore sustainable and environmental elements to the building and landscaping

- Increasing the setback of the proposed Manor building to 170 feet from Cliff Road

- Increasing the landscape buffer around the property and along Cliff Road and Route 9 frontages

- Removing the 2 proposed townhomes on either side of 4 Cliff Road

- Preserving majority of the existing grove of trees between 4 Cliff Road and 14 Cliff Road

- Preserving a 25-foot wetland buffer with conservation easement

- Eliminating any ledge removal by blasting within the 100-foot wetland buffer

Site Components
Cliff Rd View

Historic Preservation

489 Worcester will preserve existing 4 and 14 Cliff Road and landscaping on Cliff Road as buffer to the neighborhood.



489 Worcester is conveniently located on the Cross Town Trail, a short walk to the Wellesley Hills Station and shops along Washington Street.

Cliff Manor

Affordable Housing

489 Worcester will add 9 units of much needed affordable housing in Wellesley for families making 80% Area Medium Income (AMI).

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